Remember the time...

Friday, July 28, 2017 Yuveline (UV) 0 Comments

I would give you the only thing that I have before it ticks away into nothing. Time!


I love watches. I love all my watches. They each have a story behind how I got them. Each, a meaningful story that never fails to strike a cord, time after time. Some here are fairly new and some have stood the test of time. One of them, my parents gifted me when I scored the highest in my class. It was a thing of beauty. I wore it proudly to school as my classmates took every chance to admire it. I loved how this sleek metal accessory wrapped around my wrist actually fulfilled a deeper sense of purpose. The dial is probably too small for it to be functional but nevertheless, it did tell me the time...the time when I set foot on a path to be a strong individual. It reminded me that good deeds are rewarded and that your family will always be proud of what you do. It has stopped working now, after several attempts to revive its heartbeat with batteries. I still keep it safe as a souvenir of younger dreams and simple triumphs.

The other in the collection was gifted by my then boyfriend (now, husband) on my first birthday that I spent away from home in Bangalore (almost 7 years ago). I still remember how I peered into the display and chose this among many other shiny ones that called out to me. I loved its simplicity and also because it was what he could afford then (We both knew it but didn't admit it). So, I moved to the Garden City after my college to start my career. And, in the first few months of moving there, I hated my decision of being away from home and away from all the love and support. But soon, I learnt that some sacrifices are to be made to make you a better person. Today, I am glad I did that. I am glad I moved cities, that I chose to leave home, that I chose to start the journey on my own, that I built my own career, that I made amazing friends for life and that distance from your family actually makes you realise their true worth. So, I raise my proverbial glass to this humble timepiece that adorned my hand for a really long time, for reminding me of my bold decisions and true intentions.

Next, the blue Casio watch. It belonged to my mother-in-law. My husband and I picked it for her birthday, years ago. I recollect his joy as it was the first gift he got her with his first salary. He always wanted to buy her a piece of fine jewellery and I must say he surely did get her the best because 'Time is the most expensive and the most luxurious thing you could give someone.' After several years, she passed it on to me once she retired as a Chemistry teacher. Funny she had to say this "I won't be needing this anymore. I now have all the time in the world. You keep it, I know you love it too!" That watch remains in my collection to remind me of her selflessness and her outlook on retired life. A lesson or two  to learn from.

The two Seiko watches are again gifts from my husband. He does spoil me. An ardent lover of watches, he loves to stare longingly into the window displays that show off the classiest to the fanciest watches. He reads up on the brands, he finds out the latest launches, he browses for offers, he scouts for vintage pieces and leches at the design, technology and simply marvels at the very invention. But... he won't splurge on them. Never. He owns a few selected ones and they too, like mine, each have a story that he holds dear. Yet, he willingly loves to spoil me by buying a watch every time I audibly said "Oh, I love that watch!" Well, both the Seikos are special. They are a sight to look at and I can't tell you how much I love wearing them. Simple, classy and elegant. One of them is Solar-powered and that, my friends, is my abso favourite. For it's a reminder that time never dies. You can always revive the lost time with some sunshine to start the magic all over again.

Finally, the Tissot watch. Oh my, look at that beaut! It's the most recent one in my collection. He bought it for me the day we, finally, registered our marriage (a loooong story for another blog post). I love the dial which is made of Mother-of-Pearl (I am a sucker for all thing iridescent).The Tissot one is the most expensive one yet in my collection and I must say, he is raising the bar for my future choices :)  He didn't think twice and straight went to the cash counter. No time wasted! This timepiece reminds me of how much I am loved and how far we have come from the day we first met. 

I almost lost the entire collection in a transit last year. For months I mourned silently, silly nightmares haunted me of how I didn't value them and that's why I was being punished. However, my husband kept consoling me that they were just "things" and he could always buy me one more. I was surprised that it didn't ache him to know they were lost. He did feel bad but kept convincing me that it wasn't my fault. That phase made me realise how I took them for granted, how I took TIME for granted. It reminded me of a life not lived, of not doing the things you love, not spending enough time with the ones that matter and not being conscious of how little of it you actually have left. We did find them one fine day. We had kept them in one of the suitcase's secret pouches, so safely tucked away that they almost seemed lost. Don't lose your time. The time you have with you, right now.


I love 'my' watches. I love watches. I love clocks. I love the ticking and the tocks.

I love how it makes time feel tangible for once. I love how your whole life is embraced within two tiny hands with the third ticking away your every moment into a countdown. Though you have it around your wrist, it is you who is wrapped in its power. I love the simple and honest performance it puts up day after day, night after night. 
I love how brutal it is when it tells you how much of it you have lost, while counting how much of it is left. I love the mean pranks it plays when you wind it back, only to lose and not gain a few extra minutes of life. I love how it tricks you into thinking you have more of it when you speed it up but in the end you have only wasted it. I love how time tells you to keep moving yet take the time to pause and reflect. I love how time heals even the harshest wounds. I love how time doesn't wait for you because only then will you get up and get going places. elusive rascal! 


I would give you the only thing that I have before it ticks away into nothing. Time! ~~~~~~~ I love watches. I love all my watc...