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Goa is not a place. It's an emotion. Every one who visits Goa, leaves with the bite that forces them to return year after year. This time, the Goa bug has bitten our very own yellow fellow, Stuart. And this time, his adventures begin in Goa, India. 

With a cozy four-day stay at Zuri White Sands Resort, Spa & Casino on the Varca Beach (South Goa), Stuart was game for some fun in the sun. The resort, he says, is a peaceful abode with ample activities just perfect for him to try out. But hey, as soon as he saw the white sands of the beach and the blue waves lashing in the distance, he zipped through the resort's stone pathway in no time.

Checked in!

Sea me on the shore
Right from his impatient flight trip from Bangalore, to the moment the waves hit his tiny yellow feet, Stuart has had some amazing experiences. Although it was monsoon and was raining for most part of the day, it didn't dampen his spirits of trying out the nearby shacks and making a few visits to the beach (stone's throw from the main cafe), just to see the violent waves of Varca.

Do the wave!

On one afternoon, Stuart ventured out to a nearby shack in search of some really gooood fooood, bored with the overcharged dishes in the resort's menu. Voila, just 500 meters (1000 Stuart steps) from the gate into a lane, was 'Garden Court', where he enjoyed scrumptious delicacies every day/night during his stay in Zuri (Goa). Stuart says that the prices were "wow", the food and service was "wowowowowo". 

Love at first burp!

Geared with just my MOTO X's camera of 10 Mega Pixels (for more visual stories, follow me on Instagram), I took the little guy wherever I went to in Goa and got him posing. Not to forget the curious onlookers who took me for a teenager still stuck with a childish toy obsession. But hey, that didn't stop me (or my husband from giving me ideas on poses). Because at the end of the click, I knew it's going to make someone smile when they see these pictures.

To get Stuart's score on Zuri White Sands and other awesome travel scoop, visit Ami Bhat's Thrilling Travel.                                         
Yellow Fellow

But before you hop onto her page, check out more snaps from this series of Sun, Sand and Stuart only on my FB page UVness And, keep visiting for more adventures. 

You'll go bananaaaaas...


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Goa is not a place. It's an emotion. Every one who visits Goa, leaves with the bite that forces them to return year after yea...